Friedkin Conservation Fund
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Tanzania is committed to safeguarding its immense and unique wilderness heritage. FCF feels it is not only the responsibility of Tanzania and its people to look after that important heritage but that we all should contribute to ensuring that future generations can experience and enjoy Africa’s unspoiled wilderness.

FCF operates as two separate but related entities – one is a Texas-based non-profit corporation that is registered as a 501(c)(3) entity in the United States, the other is known as “The Friedkin Conservation Fund of Tanzania” and is set up in Tanzania as a charitable Trust.

"The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration but are an integral part of our natural resources and of our future livelihood and well-being.

" The conservation of wildlife and wild places calls for specialist knowledge, trained manpower and money and we look to other nations to co-operate in this important task - the success or failure of which not only affects the continent of Africa but the rest of the world as well.

J. K. NYERERE - Prime Minister